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Come and join us! You are not in this alone.


There are 2 kinds of membership of the National Autistic Society, national and local. Both of them make you  part of something bigger and in touch with other people in a similar situation.




We have nearly 400 families on the branch membership list.  You join the local branch by filling in a form and (hopefully!) making a voluntary contribution of £5. Please email [email protected] for details.  Then you will get regular email updates about things that are happening locally and other news relating to the world of autism.  Your autistic family member, depending on age, would be eligible to join the swimming club, and/or go on family outings.


Branch membership is different from national membership and belonging to the branch does not make you a member of the national organisation. Some of our branch members are also national members.





To belong to the NAS nationally costs £26 a year (24 if you pay by direct debit).Here is some information about national membership taken from the NAS website


      ‘Membership of The National Autistic Society (NAS) is the best tool for staying up to date on important news and information about autism.  It is designed to be of interest to everyone, whether you're on the spectrum, support or care for someone with autism or simply want to find out more about autism. Membership benefits include:

  • the award-winning Your Autism Magazine delivered quarterly

  • 10% discount on all orders from the Publications catalogue

  • up to £75 discount on NAS conferences and events

  • access to low cost Personal Liability and travel insurance products.


The more members we have, the more influential we are when campaigning for the rights of people affected by autism. Members understand the impact that autism has on people's lives and can help us to shape the work that we do.’


You also get a welcome pack and an 'autism alert' card and important information updates by email.


If you would like to fully support the work of the NAS by becoming a national member, you can join online on the website or Call 0808 800 1050